Godfrey Daniels - Your Original Live Music Listening Room
7 E. 4th St. Bethlehem, PA 18015-1601   610-867-2390
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Godfrey Daniels

is a premier live music listening room that has provided the Lehigh Valley with top quality entertainment since 1976. Godfrey's has earned a reputation as one of the finest folk music venues in the country, and is supported by nearly 300 members and 50 volunteers.
Pennsylvania Council on the ARTSBoard of Directors
Dina Hall - President
Andrew Bollinger - Vice President
Mary Radakovits - Secretary
Jeff Huff
Bernie Toseland
Fred Bonsall
Lloyd Steffen
Brian McCloskey
Bob Robertson
Alex Radus
Dave Fry - Emeritus
Terry Mutchler - Emeritus
Cindy Dinsmore - Ex Officio

Ramona LaBarre - Managing Director

The Story of Godfrey Daniels
Once upon a time, there was a greasy little donut shop on the South Side of Bethlehem. Sadly, its owners had abandoned it for bigger and better things. But, to Dave Fry and Cindy Dinsmore, it glowed with the radiance of the dream they shared - or was that leftover donut glazing? On March 17, 1976 (after hours of cleaning, painting, and scraping “donut goop” off the floors and walls), Dave and Cindy opened the doors of their new coffee house, called “Godfrey Daniels” after the euphemistic expletive favored by W. C. Fields. The performers that night, who included Dave Fry, the Shimersville Sheiks, Mary Faith Rhoads and other local musicians, played to a small, but enthusiastic, audience. Friends pitched in to help run the shows and send out flyers, and even though most of the money taken in at the door went to the performers, Godfrey’s somehow managed to stay afloat.

Over the years, Godfrey’s has grown from a little-known haven for lovers of live folk music* to an internationally acclaimed club on the “folk circuit.” In 1978 Godfrey Daniels became a nonprofit corporation, and today, as in the early days, most of the money you spend on admission still goes to the performers. The big financial difference now is a result of Godfrey’s very successful membership program, begun in 1984, which has made possible numerous “luxuries” like air conditioning and a computer.
The Vision of Godfrey Daniels is to present the finest of folk music and performing arts through the "Godfrey’s Experience"; that is, the presentation of the folk arts in a comfortable and spontaneous environment, accessible to all ages and backgrounds. We seek to provide this rich experience by creating an intimate link among the musicians, audience members, and volunteers, an experience rarely found in our society today. Godfrey Daniels stands out by providing professional yet non-intimidating performance conditions; encouraging aspiring regional talent, and further developing the fabric of our local musical arts community. We value the heritage of folk music, linking our past to our future. We are a vital part of the cultural fabric of the South Side Bethlehem and greater Lehigh Valley communities.

Godfrey Daniels exists to create and nurture the appreciation of traditional and contemporary folk music and performing arts by providing an intimate environment where professional artists, amateur performers and audience members will be enriched by the unique experience of live performance.